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alpha-numeric paging


" Why take a number when you can get the whole message? "

With 24 hour operator dispatch our alpha-numeric paging saves you time and money

with a complete text message instead of just a number to call back. With select pagers

you can receive news, stock and sports updates at no additional charge.


Options available:

PERSONAL TOLL-FREE NUMBER offers family, friends and business associates the security and convenience of one toll-free number to call so they can page you from anywhere without long distance charges.

E-MAIL FORWARDING allows internet e-mail directly to your pager.

BUSINESS FORM OPTION ensures that the dispatch operator asks all necessary information from each caller.

PERSONALIZED GREETING allows the dispatch operator to greet callers with a message of your choosing.

EXTENDED COVERAGES are available. You can choose from one additional zone, multi-zone-regional or full nationwide coverage.