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K40 Radar Detectors & Laser Jammers

  When they take aim, you can drive with confidence !!!
K40 engineers are always looking to stay a step ahead of changes in police radar and laser gun technology. That's why they test and retest every single unit. Not just in the lab, but in the most critical of testing facilities -everyday driving! So the K40 system installed in your automobile will work as well on the open highway and morning commute, as it does on the test bench.

Laser DefuserPlus Police Laser Jammer & Detector

Undetectable Single Remote Radar Protection System

Undetectable Dual Front & Rear Remote Radar Detector

RD850 Portable All-Band Radar Detector

Because K40 has absolute confidence in the performance of their products, you should never get a ticket when they are operating and used properly. In the rare event you should receive a speeding ticket in the first 12 months of ownership, K40 will pay the cost of your fine (excludes tickets issued in school zones and/or when DWI or DUI is involved) no questions asked.