Numeric Paging

Numeric Paging

2346 Bristol Oxford Valley Rd,   Levittown, Pa 19057

We are located in Levittown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania ( PA ) ...
just minutes from Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey ( NJ ) !

Close to major routes, we are conveniently accessible from
New York ( NY ), Delaware ( DE ), and Maryland ( MD ).

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Never miss an important call again !!!

With our numeric paging, callers simply enter the phone number
where they can be reached and it's delivered to you within seconds.

" It's the most affordable way to keep in touch "

Options available:

Numeric PagingVOICEMAIL gives people who page you the option of entering a phone number or leaving a voice message and your pager notifies you .

Numeric PagingCUSTOM GREETING allows you to greet callers with a message recorded in your own voice.

Numeric PagingNUMERIC RETRIEVAL allows you to access a recorded log for numeric messages you may have missed or deleted.

Numeric PagingPERSONAL TOLL-FREE NUMBER offers family, friends and business associates the security and convenience of one toll-free number to call so they can page you from anywhere without long distance charges.

Numeric PagingEXTENDED COVERAGES are available. You can choose from one additional zone, multi-zone regional or full nationwide coverage.


Numeric Paging Numeric Paging Numeric Paging

Numeric Paging

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