Pager Parts List

Pager Parts List

2346 Bristol Oxford Valley Rd,   Levittown, Pa 19057

We are located in Levittown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania ( PA ) ...
just minutes from Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey ( NJ ) !

Close to major routes, we are conveniently accessible from
New York ( NY ), Delaware ( DE ), and Maryland ( MD ).

Pager Parts List


Motorola Advisor Black Holster

Motorola Advisor Elite Clear Holster   01-62484G03 (0162484G03)

Motorola Advisor Elite Smoke Holster   01-62480H01 (0162480H01

Motorola Advisor Gold Flex Black Holster   01-62481E01 (0162481E01)

Motorola Bravo Flex Black Holster   01-62489Y10 (0162489Y10)

Motorola Bravo Flex Cranberry Holster   01-62489Y14 (0162489Y14)

Motorola Bravo Flex Teal Holster   01-62489Y24 (0162489Y24)

Motorola LS750 Black Holster   01-62478G01 (0162478G01)

Motorola LS750 Smoke Holster   01-62478G04 (0162478G04)

Motorola Memo Express Smoke Holster   01-62488P47 (0162488P47)

Motorola ProEncore Black Holster   01-62489Y01 (0162489Y01)

Motorola Ultra Express Clear Holster   NYN-6367A (NYN6367A)

Motorola Ultra Express Cranberry Holster   NYN-6954A (NYN6954A)

Motorola Ultra Express Rootbeer Holster   NYN-6368A (NYN6368A)

Motorola Ultra Express Smoke Holster   01-62486T11 (0162486T11)

Motorola Ultra Express Teal Holster   01-62486T07 (0162486T07)

Motorola Express Black Holster   01-62998Z01 (0162998Z01)

Motorola Express Clear Holster   NRN-8849A (NRN8849A)

Motorola Express Dark Blue Holster   01-62998Z03 (0162998Z03)

Motorola Express Green Holster   NRN-8848A (NRN8848A)

Motorola Express Light Blue Holster   NYN-4291A (NYN4291A)

Motorola Express Pink Holster   NRN-8981A (NRN8981A)

Motorola Express Red Holster  

Motorola Express White Holster   NRN-8851A (NRN-8851A)

Motorola Express Extra Clear Holster   01-62482Q06 (0162482Q06)

Motorola Express Extra Cranberry Holster   01-62482Q04 (0162482Q04)

Motorola Express Extra Jade Holster  

Motorola Express Extra Plum Holster  

Motorola Express Extra Smoke Holster   01-62482Q01 (0162482Q01)


Motorola Advisor Pager Case

Motorola Bravo Pager Case

Motorola Bravo Plus Pager Case   REX-4147C (REX4147C)

Motorola Bravo Flex Pager Case

Motorola Bravo Flex Black Pager Case   NHN-8509A (NHN8509A)

Motorola LS350 Pager Case

Motorola LS550 Pager Case

Motorola LS550 Pager Case

Motorola LS750 Pager Case

Motorola LS750 Black Pager Case   NHN-8796A (NHN8796A)

Motorola Pronto Pager Case

Motorola Ultra Express Pager Case

Motorola Wordline Pager Case

Motorola Express Pager Case

Motorola Express Extra Pager Case

Motorola Express Extra Black Pager Case   NYN-8520A (NYN8520A)

Motorola Express Extra Jade Pager Case

Motorola Express Extra Monet Pager Case

Motorola Express Extra Plum Pager Case

NEC Executive Pager Case

NEC Relay Clear Pager Case

NEC Relay Blue Pager Case

NEC Relay Green Pager Case

NEC Relay White Pager Case


Motorola BR850 Black Belt / Back Clip   01-62478E01 (0162478E01)

Motorola Bravo Plus Black Belt / Back Clip   01-62488Y01 (0162477Y01)

Motorola Bravo Plus Green Belt / Back Clip   NRN-1930A (NRN9130A)

Motorola Bravo Plus Purple Belt / Back Clip   NYN-4871A (NYN4871A)

Motorola Bravo Plus Red Belt / Back Clip   NRN-9131A (NRN9131A)

Motorola Bravo Plus Teal Belt / Back Clip   NYN-4870A (NYN4870A)

Motorola Bravo Plus White Belt / Back Clip   01-62488Y10 (0162488Y10)

Motorola FreeSpirit Black Belt Clip / Battery Door   15-05999S04 (1505999S04)

Motorola LS350 Black Belt / Back Clip   01-62777U01 (0162777U01)

Motorola LS550 Black Belt / Back Clip   01-62478E01 (0162478E01)

NEC Exceutive Black Belt / Back Clip   455-0217 (4550217)


Motorola Bravo Flex Black Battery Door   01-62484Y01 (0162484Y01)

Motorola Bravo Plus Black Battery Door   01-62487Y01 (0162487Y01)

Motorola Bravo Plus Green Battery Door   NRN-9126B (NRN9126B)

Motorola Bravo Plus Purple Battery Door   NYN-4875A (NYN4875A)

Motorola Bravo Plus Red Battery Door   NRN-9127A (NRN9127A)

Motorola Bravo Plus Teal Battery Door   NYN-4874A (NYN4874A)

Motorola LS550 Black Battery Door   15-80620N01 (1580620N01)

NEC Executive Black Battery Door


Pager Bungee Cords in various colors

Pager Bungee Straps in various colors

Black Pager Bungee Cord


Motorola Gold Pager Chain   42-5035H08 (425035H08)


Motorola Express LCD   01-5987D01 (015987D01)

Motorola Express LCD   01-5989D31 (015989D31)

Motorola Ultra Express LCD   01-80300J15 (0180300J15)

Motorola Express Extra LCD   01-80301J07 (0180301J07)

Motorola LS750 LCD   72-62920A35 (7262920A35)

Motorola Bravo LCD   REX-4027B (REX4027B)

Motorola Bravo Plus LifeStyle LCD   NYN-4928A (NYN4928A)

Motorola Bravo Plus LCD   NYN-5972A (NYN5972A)

Motorola Bravo Plus LCD   NYN-5981A (NYN5981A)

Motorola ProEncore LCD   NYN-7762 (NYN7762)

Motorola Bravo Flex LCD   NYN-7762 (NYN7762)

Motorola Wordline LCD   NYN-9710A (NYN9710A)

Motorola LS550 LCD   NYN-9870A (NYN9870A)

Motorola LS350 LCD   NYN-9905A (NYN9905A)


73.703125 mhz * 73.74637 mhz * 73.85729 mhz * 73.857292 mhz * 73.86354 mhz
73.863542 mhz * 73.89062 mhz * 75.942708 mhz * 75.957291 mhz * 75.957292 mhz
75.967708 mhz * 75.97812 mhz * 75.978120 mhz * 75.978125 mhz * 76.001042 mhz
76.005208 mhz * 76.007291 mhz * 76.111458 mhz * 76.1156250 mhz * 76.121875 mhz
76.128125 mhz * 76.148958 mhz * 76.163541 mhz * 76.165625 mhz * 76.169791 mhz

Pager crystals are for the following frequencies and others ---
17.9 mhz if * 45 mhz if * 157.400 mhz

929.18750 mhz * 929.38750 mhz * 929.43750 mhz * 929.56250 mhz * 929.71250 mhz
929.63750 mhz * 929.66250 mhz * 929.78750 mhz * 929.86250 mhz * 929.96250 mhz

931.01250 mhz * 931.28750 mhz * 931.36250 mhz * 931.68750 mhz
931.81250 mhz * 931.86250 mhz * 931.93750 mhz * 931.98750 mhz


Motorola Bravo Plus Pager Protector   NRN-8714A (NRN8714A)

Motorola Advisor Lcd Lens

Motorola Bravo Plus Lcd Lens    61-05023T03 (6105023T03)

Motorola Express Extra Lcd Lens    61-80614M02 (6180614M02)

Motorola Advisor PAD Assembly

Motorola Bravo Plus PAD Assembly

Motorola Express PAD Assembly    75-5027X02 (755027X02)

Motorola Ultra Express PAD Assembly

Motorola Bravo Plus Battery Terminal Connector    39-5099L01 (395099L01)

Motorola Bravo Battery Terminal Connector    39-5099L03 (395099L03)

Motorola Bravo Plus Slide Switch    40-62990P04 (4062990P04)

Motorola Bravo Plus Grey Button    45-5051L07 (455051L07)

Motorola Bravo Plus Black Button    45-5051L09 (455051L09

Pager Parts List

Pager Parts List